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Living through Alternatives to the Norm

Robert Charles Hunter is an Author, Speaker, Advisor, and Business Leader. He worked in his family business throughout high school and college. In 1974 he went to work at Frito Lay, a PepsiCo company, transferred to Pizza Hut headquarters, and implemented a consolidated distribution/services company that grew to a $4 billion enterprise. He retired from PepsiCo on the sale of that company.

Robert’s background as a top business executive firmly rooted him in the world of logic. But after attaining numerous pinnacles of success, he found himself asking, “Is that all there is?”

Robert had long been curious about metaphysical studies as he sought better understanding of himself and the world around him. After his retirement from PepsiCo, he began a journey of learning about alternatives to the world he knew and pursued those that piqued his interest.

A propitious road trip to Sedona, Arizona awakened in him a latent awareness of things unknown or unrecognized, broadening his world perspective and focusing for him what it means to be alive. His curiosity led him to pursue metaphysical awareness of the physical, mental, and spiritual bodies within each of us.

He’s writing a series of six books titled Curious Journey. The first two, Origins and Energy are available today and the third, Body, is in the works. In these books he introduces concepts, enlightens readers, and leads skeptics down a path that can inspire further critical thinking. He seeks to inform and educate – not indoctrinate – others on ideas, insights, and discoveries of the world around us we may not yet know. The series is an exercise in learning to accept another’s point of view without compromising your principles.

Robert graduated with a Liberal Arts degree from the College of Artesia in 1969, has done postgraduate work at Penn State University, and has a Doctor of Divinity degree from The Logos Center.

His speaking engagements focus on the holistic person, utilizing all faculties for better enjoying your world.

His and his wife, three-time Oscar® nominee Diane Ladd, live in Ojai, California and relish time with their ten grandchildren.


Integrated Living

Speaking that Motivates and Inspires

Drawing from years of speaking to board members, hundreds of associates, and charitable organizations, Robert Charles Hunter knows how to connect with an audience and deliver a memorable message. He gives professional presentations for a variety of companies and organizations at major events and conferences as well as dinners, awards presentations, and other engagements. Whether he’s speaking to a small get-together or an event with hundreds of people, Robert’s presentations engage and entertain while leaving audiences with practical insights that are guaranteed to leave an impression.

His combining the physical, mental, and spiritual essence of everyone into presentations provides access to ideas for everyone in the audience. Real world experience delivers persuasive anecdotes and direction for every walk of life.

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Curious Journey: Origins

Robert Hunter presents an excellent case that there is way more to what’s going on in this world than most of us have any idea. Knowledge is power,and the knowledge he presents is stunning.

Marianne Williamson
Author of The Age of Miracles, The Gift of Change, Healing the Soul ofAmerica, and numerous other bestsellers

A Curious Journey is a literary tour de force spanning the experiences, formulations, and applications of spiritual seekers, and cultures, throughout the ages. What is especially laudable is how Author Robert Charles Hunter describes the vast scope of such highly complex material in a very clear, concise and down-to-earth manner; sometimes enthralled, sometimes tongue in cheek, sometimes incredulous, often humorous. This book is a “must” read for anyone embarking on their own Curious Journey, as well as anyone who is seeking a comprehensive history of the permutations of spiritual thinking.”

Arthur Kornhaber, M.D.
Author of Spirit (1986 St. Martin’s Press)
Founder and president of the Foundation for Grandparenting

Rarely will you find a ‘cool cucumber’ entrepreneur and successful business maven like Robert Charles Hunter researching and writing a biting and brilliant tableau of New Age, Old Age, Metaphysics, Folklore and Mysteries, including Astrology and Numerology, that teaches and transforms skeptics and main line religious conservatives like A Curious Journey. Hunter insinuates his own spiritual growth with his discoveries and makes it possible for each of us to unearth ancient and current truths that we didn’t know existed. If you want to cajole your family and friends who will learn to be more open to what can free them from innate prejudice against spiritual wisdom, buy them this book. I’d suggest that you buy it by the caseload and stimulate your whole neighborhood.

Albert Clayton Gaulden
Author of Signs and Wonders and You’re Not Who You Think You Are
Founding Director, the Sedona Intensive™

Since I met my husband at the crossroads of our mutual quest, I have been privileged to witness his brilliant observations and share his profound descriptions of discoveries and wondrous miracles . . .

Diane Ladd
Author of Spiraling Through the School of Life
Actress, Director, Screenwriter, Producer and winner of 37 International awards including 3 Academy Award™ Nominations and the British Academy Award

The book “Curious Journey: Origins,” is a marvelous compilation of the “Big Picture.” When we come across ancient structures that we cannot replicate today, we are puzzled. When ancient text is so deep or futuristic it is hard to wrap your current mind around them, it can be confusing. Or perhaps when we realize “New age” can’t refer to even the last 100 years! There is a whole big puzzle that has many, many pieces. Robert Hunter’s Book has begun to weave the pieces together and offer clarity on the unknown.

Andrea Smith
World Peace Artist
The Andrea Smith Gallery, Sedona, Arizona

Robert Charles Hunter’s CURIOUS JOURNEY, “A Traveler’s Guide to the Unknown” is a trip which touches your mind, heart and soul. Hunter compels you to delve deeper and deeper, to shake up your own beliefs, whether you are new to New Age or “Woo Woo”, having just started dabbling, or you have been immersed in “Woo Woo” for decades and want to continue your journey of alternative ways to think and feel about how we look at ourselves and our relation to everything seen and not seen. Every page is packed with information written brilliantly with enormous scholarly research but told with humor in an easily understandable and breezy style. He makes you want to explore more and more whatever the subject might be. Curiosity peaked page by page from Metaphysics to Gods & Angels to New Agers from the Past to Astrology, Numerology, Tarot and the Worlds beyond ours – this is just a sampling. And Hunter gives you many sources beyond his marvelous book from which to study further. A feast of a smorgasbord of delectable treats to tantalize one’s “belief system.” Yum!

Chris Kelley Karel

Your book “Curious Journey: Origins” is absolutely brilliant. The scope of the knowledge and information contained in the book is just amazing. You have managed to assemble a book on so many diverse paths of knowledge and understanding. All these paths help us to better understand our own lives and help us to try to learn the meaning of life itself. Your book gives all of us clues as to our own purpose here on earth. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this.

Dick and Pat Van Patten
Star of Stage, Screen, & TV

“Origins” is a great primer. I have never seen anyone put together a complete picture before in this detail. . .Chapter 6 on the translators was the first time I have seen such comprehensive content in one place and loved your conclusion: “In the meantime what could it hurt to satisfy our curiosity, hone our knowledge, inspect alternatives, and come to our own conclusions.”

Dale Strack

One of the finest books I have had the good fortune to read. Robert is above excellence.

David Mason

Curious Journey – Energy

If you have read and studied Robert Hunter’s first book, Curious Journey – Origins, you will qualify for a Bachelor’s Degree in New Age Education. Reading his second book, Curious Journey – Energy of the New Age adds a Master’s in Energy Education. He writes as he talks, with great knowledge, a good dose of skepticism and enough humor mixed in to make you wish for more. He is an encyclopedia of information! No one that I know of has gathered the massive amount of information about this field so brilliantly. Whether curious about this “New Age” field or someone who has studied it for many years, you will be astounded at what you learn. I was fascinated at his amazing unbiased evaluation of so many topics and surprised at how it expanded my own consciousness. Robert’s third book, yet to be published in this trilogy, will, if it is anything like his first two, pretty much complete your doctorate. I think it will also inspire you to do post-graduate studies you would never have believed you would delve into. We will carry both books and any future ones in our bookstore and recommend them whole heartedly.
Good job Robert!!!

Rev. Anne Puryear
Vice-President of The Logos Center, Scottsdale AZ. Author of Stephen
Lives! My Son Stephen, His Life, Suicide and Afterlife published by Simon &
Schuster and Messages from God.

Robert Hunter takes us along his Curious Journey through NewAge thought, without preaching to us, with wit, insight, and an elegant clarity. Consequently, his book is inspirational, full of surprises, and most profoundly, it’s a heck of a lot of fun!

Joe Bologna
Actor, Writer, Director

Who? What? When? Why? Robert Charles Hunter is still digging through both closeted and open-face mysteries of the Universe in his new book CURIOUS JOURNEY—ENERGY which started with CURIOUS JOURNEY—ORIGINS three years ago to give you some answers to these questions. Hunter is not a dyed-in the-wool believer in the paranormal but rather he’s a man who spent his life creating feet-on-the-ground provable strategies for corporate America. His attitude is “what if?”, and he makes a strong case for joining him on the journey in which he is not selling anything — but offering possibilities. I know him well and what amazes me beyond words or reason is how a businessman like Hunter unearths and presents such spellbinding tales in plain-Jane language like you find in this book, the second in a series that I hope never ends. Buy it and give it to friends, especially skeptics!

Albert Clayton Gaulden
Author of You’re Not Who You Think You Are
Founding Director, the Sedona Intensive™

I found this book fascinating. It opened my mind up to a broader perspective of the energy that surrounds us.

Laurie Eberst
President & CEO, St John’s Medical Center

Nicely done Robert. Easy to read, well researched, covers a lot of ground, and rather personable as well. This should help a lot of people who are opening up and having awakenings.

Ken Kafka, M.D.
Diplomat, American Board of Internal Medicine

Robert Hunter has embarked not only on a Curious Journey as his series of books is named, but also on the ultimate journey of the soul: Who are we and where are we going? This is the journey which every one of us must travel. This series of books promises to be an invaluable handbook for us all. Hunter is providing a sound foundation of the basic scientific facts and the creative insights of the greatest researchers and teachers in this field. He is presenting these handbooks in a form that is graceful, palatable, organized, and integrated. His insights may guide us soundly on this magnificent journey. I encourage all who embark on this journey to reinforce their foundational insights with a study of these books.

Herbert Bruce Puryear, Ph.D.
President of The Logos Center in Scottsdale, AZ.
Author eight books including The Edgar Cayce Primer.
He is a lifelong student of the Cayce Readings, the Bible,
and Parapsychological research.

Thank you Robert for this book! As a person who was brought up in the concrete scientific world and then literally forced into the Woo-Woo world of energy healing, I have bumped into and pondered many of the concepts Robert addresses in this delightful book. Robert has the gift of being open to possibilities and experiences and then pragmatically writing about it so readers can come to their own conclusions. It is such a challenge to explain the infinite unknowns of the world; Robert has provided a profound service to help us begin the quest.

Steve Anderson, RN, BSN
Certified Holistic Nurse

International Conference on After Death Communication

Opening speaker at the three day conference in Scottsdale AZ dealing with experiences and communications beyond the veil. April 2012.

Very good at speaking. Mr. Hunter gave a very satisfying talk. It was quite enlightening . . . it had balance. I look forward to checking out his books and website.
Enjoyed hearing how he has grown beyond his business background.
Has a great back story.
Extraordinary . . . he’s an amazing guy.
His . . . accomplishments are extraordinary . . . he’s an amazing guy.
Excellent speaker – interesting topic.


Business Advisor

Gaining an Edge in Your Business

Robert Charles Hunter is an Author, Business Advisor, Speaker, and Producer. He’s active in developing companies, as well as providing strategic consulting and performance coaching for a number of diverse businesses. He also works with charitable organizations to grasp and utilize proven business models to improve service to their constituents and develop a broader reach.

He is currently Chairman and CEO of Exxcell Entertainment, Inc., a company Diane Ladd and he founded in 2002. Exxcell is an alliance of artists, investors, and businesses that develops award-winning films and plays for a broad spectrum of audiences through economically viable productions. Diane and Robert were instrumental in gaining favorable federal tax legislation for films produced in the U.S. They currently have fifteen projects in development.

Robert is a 24-year veteran of PepsiCo, Inc., including 11 years as President and CEO of PepsiCo Food Systems. He is a past board member and committee chairman of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Washington D.C. He has years of civic and educational leadership: He has served on the advisory board of Northwood University, was an executive in residence of the Hotel and Restaurant School at North Texas University, and worked for both the New Frontier Committee and the Parents’ Council at Texas Christian University. He has served on numerous boards all dealing with improving life for children and those that are unable to fend for themselves. He holds a liberal arts degree from the College of Artesia, and a Doctor of Divinity from The Logos Center. His speaking engagements focus on structure that contributes to higher performance and excellence in the workplace.

His and his wife, three-time Oscar® nominee Diane Ladd, live in Ojai, California and relish time with their ten grandchildren.



Writing that Challenges and Motivates

Robert Charles Hunter has a wealth of knowledge to share. He has a knack for being able to “see what can be.” He has written dozens of columns and articles that offer simple but powerful lessons, each with his signature three-step action plan. Topics include Leadership, Talent Development, Process Innovation, Business Performance, and more!

Watch for Robert’s new leadership book series, CEO Perspective, coming soon..

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Enable Ordinary People to do Extraordinary Things

Robert Charles Hunter shows businesses and individuals how to improve productivity, motivate staff, and energize their work lives. His diverse experience has taken him from the board room to Hollywood movie sets, and he knows how to make a connection with people from all walks of life. Robert consults for a broad range of clients from large companies to personal businesses.
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Presentations that will motivate, energize and inspire

Drawing from years of making memorable presentations to board members and hundreds of PepsiCo associates, Robert Charles Hunter knows how to connect with an audience. He gives professional presentations for a variety of companies and organizations at major events and conferences as well as dinners, awards presentations, and other engagements. Whether he’s speaking to a small management get-together or an event with hundreds of people, Robert’s presentations engage and entertain while leaving audiences with practical insights that are guaranteed to leave an impression.
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Business Advisor

“Learning from Robert has been a key factor for our businesses ongoing success. He provided us with the tools, vision, and guidance we needed to take our business to the next level. Even now, in the midst of the worst recession in recent memory, our sales have doubled since completing Robert’s program and we are consistently breaking sales records. His ability to break down years of corporate experience into clever, memorable analogies makes running a successful business uncomplicated.”

Ryan Key
President, MiTec Solutions

“As broad as your scope was, your points were well targeted and relevant…. Best of all, you left me with several specific actions…. I’m happy to say I’ve moved forward on these and the Ojai Valley Youth Foundation is currently in the strongest position we’ve ever been in during our 10-year history.”

Caryn Bosson
Executive Director Ojai Valley Youth Foundation

“Without Robert Charles Hunter, our business would have taken much longer to structure and turn around profits. Robert came into our company with an open arms attitude and brilliant strong hand of needed help. He is not only genius at what he does, he is just a wonderful person to be around and always makes you smile! I would recommend Robert to anyone that is just starting their company or any company that is already well established and looking to take their profits to a whole new level. Thank you Robert for being everything we needed and more! You are the best!”

Anthony Andre
Vice President Ventura High Speed Internet

“Bob knows what it takes to lead high performing organizations. As CEO of a fast-growing division of PepsiCo, he pushed for industry-leading results, populated his team with high performance individuals, embraced innovation, and provided staff with the resources and opportunities to make things happen. He challenged the organization to be relentless in its pursuit of exceptional service to our customers. As CEO of a fast-growing business, I borrow extensively from Bob’s leadership ideas and principles.”

Josh Hinerfeld
CEO Organically Grown Company
Clackamas, Oregon

“Bob Hunter is one of those unique individuals who started with a clear vision of what he wanted this organization to be. . . Bob then proceeded to put in place the high-performance culture required to sustain it through the tough times. . . Bob has a wealth of stories that illuminate all he’s learned from his years of business experience. His lessons include practical advice that’s valuable in every aspect of your life.”

Steve Johnson
President, Tucker Rocky Distributing
Fort Worth, Texas

“Bob Hunter is a towering example of how terrific leadership can inspire individuals and transform industries. His greatest strength is his ability to set a clear vision that is embraced by all the stakeholders in a given project. . . His passion for excellence is legendary . . . so many of today’s most successful executives have learned from him.”

Ali Seyedi
Sr. Director, Golden State Foods

“….He is a seasoned veteran who knows how to deliver his message…. Bob’s explanations of complex questions keep you interested and his sense of humor will keep you entertained, as well. When Bob is standing in front of a group of professionals and delivering his message, he is certainly in his element…. I cannot envision an area that he could not improve within a business environment.”

Barry J. Brummett, PhD
President & CEO, Restaurants of the Future

“Bob Hunter is one of those two or three leaders that you look back on in your career and realize the significant impact he had on your leadership style and current success . . . His high expectations for delivering results as well as outstanding customer service are two areas that influenced me the most . . . All in, Bob was a straight-up, knowledgeable, highly visible, demanding executive who had a unique ability to ‘see around corners,’ build great teams, and lead the organization to outstanding financial results.”

K. Richard Lane
President and CEO, Tree of Life, Inc.

“What separates Bob from the vast majority of business leaders is his passion to build winning organizations through great people…. His uncompromising standards, his keen eye for talent and powerful coaching skills have produced some of the best business leaders in America. Bob is a master motivator, organization builder, and one of the best business leaders around.”

Dan Adams
Vice President, Global Talent Management
Yum! Brands, Inc.





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